Classic and Colorful Crochet Socks Workshop

We know the secret sauce needed to craft the perfect crochet sock and we’re spilling the beans!

It ALL boils down to:
The right yarn choices
The right stitches
The perfect teacher (or two )
🌟 A crochet sock you can fall in love with AND slip effortlessly into your favorite shoe

Learn from the master sock crocheter and you too will become a SOCK MASTER 🎉

➸ Customize fit and fashion for women, men, and children—step-by-step instructions make it easy!

20 Modules

🌟BONUS🌟 How To Wind Yarn || From Hank To Ball or Cake

🌟Bonus Video Tutorial🌟

Classic and Colorful Crochet Sock E-Book

Click on the lesson to get the full e-book download

🌟BONUS🌟 Clean and Care

⭐️ When You Finish...look at this!⭐️

Early Bird YouTube Live Chat

If you missed watching this the first time, you can catch it now. There might be something in there that helps explain how this entire workshop is supposed to work. 

Modules for this product 20
Ready For Some Sock School?

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